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Schedule between 11/Jan/2011 and 15/Mar/2011
Morning Afternoon
10:00 Rabbits Handling (weekends & holidays only) 13:30 Raptors Show
10:30 Owls Show, Souvenir Pictures 14:30 Rabbit Handling (everyday)
11:30 Birds Handling 15:00 Owls Show, Souvenir Pictures

ATTENTION;Contents are subject to change without notice due to weather, condition of birds etc.. Consult the Garden for further information.

Usually considered to be hard to tame as a wild bird, some owls that hatched out at Fuji Kachoen are rather tame enough for various performances.

During the show, you can see an owl flying toward an arm of a trainer from a distance and walking on the floor.

Owl is active only when it hunts its bait, only for about 5% of a day. That's why you can hardly see an owl moving.

Fuji Kachoen is one of the rarest sites where you can see and touch active owls. It is highly recommended to try a handling service of owls during your visit.

Souvenir pictures with an owl.....

Owls Handling

After Owls Show on 10:30 and 15:00
at 200 JPY

You can have an owl perched on a leather glove or on shoulder.

ATTENTION;this service is canceled when an owl is in poor health.
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