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Begonias in Fuji Kachoen
Begonia is a genus in Begoniaceae, comprising over 2,000 species in moist subtropic and tropic America, Africa and East Asia. Some species have cane-like upright stems, other are shrubby, rhizomatous, tuberous etc.. French botanist Charles Plumier(1646-1704) named the genus after his patron Michel Bégon(a.k.a. le Grand Bégon, 1638-1710), an intendant of Saint-Domingue(nowadays Haiti) and a plant collector.

Begonia is characterised by its asymmetric leaves and its monoecious nature(i. e. a single plant has separate male and female flowers).

Upright-stemmed tuberous Begonias
Pendulous tuberous Begonias
Non-tuberous stemmed Begonias
Rhizomatous Begonias
B. rex and its allies

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