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Fuchsias in Fuji Kachoen

Fuchsia is a genus in Onagraceae, of about 110 species from Central America, South America, Tahiti and New Zealand. French botanist Charles Plumier(1646-1704) named the genus after a renowned German botanist Leonhart Fuchs(1501-66).

Some species are upright shrub, others have pendulous stems suitable for hanging baskets.
Flowers vary from single, semi-double to double among cultivars. Some have long flower tubes. Some species have small flowers only about 1cm long and 5mm across, some hybrids have large semi-double flowers over 1cm in diameter.

Fuji Kachoen grows about 750 species and cultivars of Fuchsias imported from US, UK, Germany, Netherlands etc., and 300 out of these are open to the public.
Fuchsia Gallery

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